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Newsgroups12 Feb 2006 09:17


On the internet there are several newsgroups in which are discussed the naturism. For Dutch people, the most known newsgroup is nl.naturisme. These has been set up on 12 March 1997. In this newsgroup people can find much information about naturism, sauna, nudist beaches and other subjects related to naturism. Other newsgroups then nl.naturisme are:

nl.naturisme, national, Dutch
alt.nl.naturisme, national and international, Dutch and English
rec.nude, international, English
uk.rec.naturist, UK, English
es.rec.naturismo, Spain, Spanish
aus.culture.naturist, Australia, English.

Newsgroups can be read with many newsreaders. The most known newsreader is Microsoft's Outlook Express that also can be used to read e-mail. You can download newsgroups from the newsserver and simply read news articles and they're answers right from the start.